Equipped For Battle

I’ll never forget my early years in New York when I paid my rent by bartending or waiting tables; which is what most “actors” do in New York.  Guests dining at my table would ask me what I did outside of the restaurant.  I’d say that I was an actor or sometimes I’d say “I’m a performer”.  They would often reply with “Oh so you want to be on stage or screen someday” or “that’s a nice hobby”. That would get me so upset.  In defense, I’d say, “No…I am working on stage and screen”…”Maybe not this minute, but I do work”…They still wouldn’t get it and the insinuation of my amateur appearance would infuriate me.  As I got more used to these remarks, I learned to let it roll off my back.  I learned that fighting it only made me appear weaker that I was.  I realized fighting that particular battle to “prove” myself wasn’t the battle I need to fight.

What I needed to be fighting for, was the battle that I would eventually win.  I learned that putting all that energy into proving something that I wasn’t was not worth my energy.
What I learned, was by using that energy to enhance my strengths, prep myself for battle, win the war, and have a celebration dance, that was the important objective to focus on.   So…I began focusing more on training, auditioning, training harder, auditioning better, and ultimately booking jobs on stage and screen.  If you’re not equipped with the skills, training, focus, drive, discipline to go into battle, you’ll never win.  Sometimes you might get lucky, but 9 times out of 10, you’re going to lose.  It takes dedication, courage, and equipment of the right armor, to win the war.  And by war, I mean career. Face the challenge, get yourself ready for the ring, get your strength and focus where it should be, train hard, Win Big!