Deb Bowman As Your Coach:

Working with a full time working performer in the entertainment business (Theatre, Musical Theatre, TV, Film, Live music (all genres), Songwriting and More) is invaluable because you get to train with a professional who helps you reep the return on your investment.  I love to share my experience and knowledge with people on a path to working in entertainment or already actively working in the industry.  With over 2 decades in the industry, I bring useful tools, contacts, technique, and care to artists to watch them excel.  Guiding students with preparation and research performance opportunities in the field is also another priority. I want you to succeed, and excel in confidence, strength and dollars! I encourage students to set goals and I guide them through the steps to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.


I am a full time performer in the entertainment field for over 20 years. I lived in NYC for 13 years before moving to Atlanta, GA 5 years ago. I have performed worldwide in many facets. I have a BA degree in Classical Theatre and Dance from the University of Alabama. I trained privately as a vocalist all of my childhood. I have mentored many artists that have gone on to Broadway, performed on American Idol, The Voice, and America’s Got Talent. I have mentored with The American Songbook Initiative via Michael Feinstein. Check out my full bio here.


Deb Teachings

*Strategy, Hard Work and Focus
*Encouragement through Self Affirmations
*Overcoming Fears
*Goals, Desires | Life & Career Choices
*Posture and Alignment
*Yoga & Performance Warmups
*Breath Support and Control
*Customized Vocal Exercises
*Tongue, jaw, larynx and throat relaxation
*Open tension free throat for improved resonance
*Diction, Agility and Articulation
*Working with the Camera
*Finding Truth and Purpose in Your Craft
*Vocal dynamics and Control
*Song choices depending on style/ needs
*Development and Blending of vocal registers
*Song, Storytelling, Dramatic interpretation
*Musicality and Basic Musicianship
*Self Confidence | Building Self Confidence

Deb’s Students Include:

Actors and singers (of all levels), Songwriters, Broadway singers, Jazz Vocalists, Cabaret performers, Public speakers, Musicians, Dancers who want to improve their singing voice, Actors preparing for upcoming Auditions, Graduate School Auditions, Singers hoping to avoid nodule surgery, or recovering and rehabilitating from surgery.


I hold 30 minute- $65 and 50 minute- $105 sessions via zoom. I do have limited days and times as I work full time performing, but I do try and work with the student’s schedule as much as I can.  If we are a good fit, then we are a good fit. If I can’t help the student, I will gladly refer them to someone who can.


Voice lessons, Acting Lessons, Life & Career Coaching, TV & Film Self Tape Auditions, Audition Prep, Monologue Workshops, Scene Study, Leading a Band, Building a Repertoire, Commercial & VO, You-tube Channel Building, Beginner Piano, Public Speaking, Songwriting, Diction and Speech Therapy, Post and Pre Vocal Surgery Repair and Recovery, Storytelling through Song, Building Your Own Show, Professional Advice, Goal Setting, Vocal and Physical Health Regimen Building.

Teaching Style:

With my voice coaching, I teach so that the student can understand how their voice physically functions. I give visual cues, physical placement, and ear training to create an awareness of what you have and what you are capable of achieving. My goal is always to be sensitive to the individual needs and learning styles of each student. Each session is unique.


Though I love seeing my students in my studio, geography and schedule doesn’t always allow for that. I’ve given Virtual singing lessons to singers and actors worldwide. Zoom is the main platform I use. Once you are enrolled, I send mp3 exercises via google drive, so the student can play the recorded exercises on their end and practice ongoing. Your internet connection needs to be sufficient to gain the best outcome. I recommend the student place the computer closest to their wifi connection and have proper lighting.

Policy Details:

I may request you to submit a resume or letter of recommendation, or possibly an audition. Since I am a full time performer, my teaching hours are limited and based on availability. I love to work with everyone, but sometimes you may be placed on a waiting list. I can converse via phone prior to scheduling to see if we are a good fit.  Once the session is scheduled, I send details, directions, and policy via email.  At the first session, I assess the student’s range, strength’s, and weaknesses and start them on a regimen for growth. It is a priority to me to create a safe yet productive environment to help my student’s succeed.


Kathleen Hogan

Deb Bowman is one of my secret weapons for audition prep and vocal coaching!! She’s not only an amazing performer herself who is constantly working in the industry she’s a wonderful coach and a true inspiration. She’s had a huge impact on my growth as an artist, and I cannot recommend her enough!

Catherine Dee Holly

Deb has not only accelerated my singing and performance skills, she has elevated my career and life. I moved to Atlanta 2 years ago and the best thing that has happened to me to date- is Deb Bowman. She is so much more than just your average coach: she provides career advice, last minute audition coaching, and is always looking out for her students. Deb has grown to be one of my very best friends in Atlanta and is a beautiful soul inside and out. There is so much to learn from her.

Nancy Gerber

I’ve been working with Deb Bowman for nearly 3 years. From the very first lesson, people heard an immediate difference in my voice. In addition to vocal coaching, she works with me on my stage presence, marketing, band leadership skills, song choices, and so much more. And she’s VERY supportive and encouraging, too (and also firmly kicks butt when necessary!).  My range and vocal stamina have expanded. I’ve gained more confidence and improved my ability to engage with my audience. Her coaching about how to adjust for different styles of music has been incredibly helpful and effective. What I appreciate most about Deb is that, unlike some other teachers who seem to mold their students into a particular style of singing, Deb is dedicated to helping me become the best ME that I can be as a vocalist and performer. She’s a treasure!

Liane Houde

Deborah Bowman, teacher extraordinaire! She has helped me expand my (healthy!!) belting range 4 full steps up in such a short amount of time!! Thank you, Deb!

Jamie B.

I was placed with the PERFECT vocal coach Deborah Bowman. She is a fireball of energy and truly PUSHES you to work hard and do the best you can. It felt so amazing to have someone generally interested in improving your gift. It was never boring or a waste of time. 10 stars to Deb.

Amber Gardner

I love the time I spend with my coach/instructor, Deb Bowman! It’s one on one, so I get specialized attention, getting the full value and benefit of my tuition. Deb is also more than just a mentor, but looks out for me and is truly dedicated in helping me succeed in my acting goals. I am always impressed by the steps she takes to help meet my needs and help me solve any difficulties I have with the work and even with deciding how to continue with my studies. She’s also IN the industry, so it’s current training I am getting. Just excellent all around.