“As usual, she’s all energy, always threatening to suck up all of the air from the performers around her. And the jazzy tunes under her management, in the sweet spot of her range and complemented by her sultry, smoky voice, make her songs some of the most memorable of the show.”

Broadway World

“Your Voice is Beautiful”
Robert De Niro

“Flat Out Magnificent!”
Arts ATL

“Her every move is perfection!”
Broadway World

“Hypnotic and unforgettable: her manic delight in both mayhem and romance and her sheer animal joy of being alive are indescribable. They must be seen. Her singing and acting are cut from one rare thread.”
Manning Harris- Atlanta INtown

“Deborah Bowman in yet another flawless performance.”
Atlanta INtown

“Old-school movie-star glamour to rival Bette Davis, Miriam Hopkins and Vivien Leigh. And those eyes! Tennessee Williams would be so proud.”
Wendell Brock

“Bowman is brittle, feminine, sexy, playful, subtle and ever so naughty.”
The New York Independent

“Applause for Deborah Bowman!”
Chicago Sun-Times

“Ms. Bowman gives a Heroic Performance.”
Atlanta INtown

“Bowman gives a sharp incisive performance.”
The Berkshire

“An Enchanting Performer!”
Janesville Messenger

“Bowman has the voice and slinky style that easily dominates the musical Chicago”. Is it sexist to add: great legs, too?
The New York Independent