Kathleen Hogan: 

Deb Bowman is one of my secret weapons for audition prep and vocal coaching!! She’s not only an amazing performer herself who is constantly working in the industry she’s a wonderful coach and a true inspiration. She’s had a huge impact on my growth as an artist, and I cannot recommend her enough!


Catherine Dee Holly: 

Deb has not only accelerated my singing and performance skills, she has elevated my career and life. I moved to Atlanta 2 years ago and the best thing that has happened to me to date- is Deb Bowman. She is so much more than just your average coach: she provides career advice, last minute audition coaching, and is always looking out for her students. Deb has grown to be one of my very best friends in Atlanta and is a beautiful soul inside and out. There is so much to learn from her.


Liane Houde: 

Deborah Bowman, teacher extraordinaire! She has helped me expand my (healthy!!) belting range 4 full steps up in such a short amount of time!! Thank you, Deb!


Jamie B:

 I was placed with the PERFECT vocal coach Deborah Bowman. She is a fireball of energy and truly PUSHES you to work hard and do the best you can. It felt so amazing to have someone generally interested in improving your gift. It was never boring or a waste of time. 10 stars to Deb.


Amber Gardner:

 I love the time I spend with my coach/instructor, Deb Bowman! It’s one on one, so I get specialized attention, getting the full value and benefit of my tuition. Deb is also more than just a mentor, but looks out for me and is truly dedicated in helping me succeed in my acting goals. I am always impressed by the steps she takes to help meet my needs and help me solve any difficulties I have with the work and even with deciding how to continue with my studies. She’s also IN the industry, so it’s current training I am getting. Just excellent all around.