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"A Big Love Holiday"

The time has come for the exciting holiday release of A Big Love Holiday by Dynamo Deb Bowman & The Big Love Band. We are sure you will enjoy this heartfelt festive collection of holiday favorites, sacred songs, and Deb’s very own originals Tinsel Everywhere & There Will Be Christmas.

Downbeat by Jon Ross

“Her connections to these personal tunes is visceral and immediate… she takes on a chameleon-like delivery, changing her vocal approach and grain as the songs ebb and flow. She belts it out on slow, introspective ballads; her vocals skips along on uptempo tunes. Gospel is in Bowman’s musical DNA, too, and “Shelter Me From The Storm” is a stunning closer. Replete with a choir and wailing Hammond B-3, Bowman is nearly perfect at this speed”

NPR Interview



All About Jazz by Jerome Wilson

 “This set has a range of emotions, both sad and joyous, with the singer writing several of the songs herself… Bowman has a background in gospel music that manifests itself in the spiritual pop-funk of “Where Can We Go” and the full-blown gospel passion of “Shelter Me From The Storm” where she unleashes the full power of her voice. When singing others’ songs here, Bowman shows her vocal versatility.”

JazzWeekly by George Harris

“Some organic soul has her in an earnest “Where Can We Go” and she digs deep on a hip reading of Herbie Hancock’s “Butterfly.” Best of all are the intimate piano duets, with Bowman stretching over the chanson “La Vie En Rose” and a whimsical “Crazy He Calls Me.” Heart and voice on sleeve.” 

Midwest Record by Chris Spector

“A jazz thrush with a rich, warm voice..Tasty stuff from a pro that’s mastered many entertainment disciplines, you really can’t go wrong with her long overdue second set.”

Contemporary Fusion Reviews by Dick Metcalf

“Refreshing multi-talented jazz vocalist Deb Bowman will (easily) capture your heart in only the first few bars of her new release… Her soulful rendition of “Georgia On My Mind” will make you a believer in all those talents…superb.” 

JW Vibe by Jonathan Widran

“Blending elements of her church and gospel music upbringing with shimmering pop and adventurous R&B, blues and jazz sensibilities, actress, world traveling vocalist and songwriter Deb Bowman pays soulful homage to her beloved sister Patti on her musically and spiritually transcendent new album Fast Heart. It goes without saying that Fast Heart will make yours beat a lot louder.” 

Lemonwire by Dodie Miller-Gould

“Bowman sings with powerful conviction… a wonderful exploration of style and performance tropes. If there was any doubt that Bowman could pull off several styles on one album, the work here dispels that.”